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Angela Chuang at We Day California

We Day Spotlight:

Angela Chuang

The Bright Future Grant recipient shares her motivation to create a better world and hopes to inspire others.

The We Day events that take place every year are a celebration. They commemorate the hard work and dedication of thousands of students throughout the year. Although We Day California came to a close on March 26th, the powerful idea behind the movement is one we hope to keep going throughout the year with our Bright Future Grants.

Meet Angela Chuang: a current high school freshman and recipient of a Unilever Project Sunlight Bright Future Grant. She earned her spot at We Day California by organizing her high school student body to donate more than 400 pounds of food to the Second Harvest Food Pantry. Also, she and her classmates raised $1,000 for Free The Children to build schools overseas. While on stage at We Day California, Angela unveiled her own idea of a bright future to more than 16,000 likeminded students in attendance.

“I plan to work with my high school and local organizations to create a leadership program,” she said at the event. “We really want to reach out to students and inspire them.”

Angela’s leadership program, LUV (Leadership Unification Vision), will not only aim to empower young people in the United States, it will also help to serve the global community. Her school group, We Club, works with Free The Children and will be helping to build schools in Ecuador.

“This grant is definitely giving me a really strong base to start this program,” Angela said.

Angela hopes that her persistence, optimism, and many acts of good will inspire others — both young and old — to help create a bright future.

“Changes have to come in small little steps, so my dream for everyone is that we all can come together as our generation to make this huge change in the world.”

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Find out how one charity is empowering and rewarding kids who give back.

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