Lever 2000 - For a touchable clean your whole family will love.

Lever 2000 difference

What makes Lever 2000® different from other deodorant bar soaps? It's all about the ingredients. The Lever 2000® proprietary formula is specially formulated with more skin hydrating ingredients than the leading Dial® bar. Lever 2000® leaves skin feeling smoother, more refreshed, and more touchable* -- a difference you can really feel!

New addition to the Lever line

Refresh and invigorate your skin and senses with Lever 2000 Citrus Fresh. We’ve paired mandarin orange and grapefruit scents with a clean-rinsing, skin-hydrating formula that leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and more refreshed. For touchably clean skin your whole family will love, look no further. Try Citrus with this $1.00 off coupon.

Get touchably clean now!

Refresh and replenish your skin with Lever 2000®. Lever 2000® bar is available in Original, Fresh Aloe and Citrus while Lever 2000® Body Wash is available in Original, Fresh Aloe and Pure Rain.

Why does Lever 2000 care so much about touch?

The power of touch is truly astounding. Because our skin is the largest organ in the human body, the sense of touch is the most widespread of our five senses. This super-sense offers numerous emotional and physical benefits to both children and adults.

Touch can help:

  • Comfort and reassure
  • Deal positively with stress
  • Form close relationships
  • Make us laugh!

A survey*** found that 83% of parents believe that touch strengthens family bonds and kids who receive four or more hugs a day feel less anxiety about the family’s financial challenges. Read the report (PDF | 133KB).

For more information on the entire Lever 2000 range of products visit www.lever2000.com.

*Based on a blind study where consumers rated Lever 2000® bar significantly higher on skin feel attributes than consumers who tried the leading Dial® bar. Dial is a registered trademark of Pure & Natural Company.

**Based on blind sniff study where consumers rated Lever 2000® Citrus Fresh fragrance significantly better vs. Dial® Gold fragrance on overall preference when tested out of the box. Dial is a registered trademark of Pure and Natural Company.

***The Lever 2000 study was conducted by independent research firm Wakefield among 1,018 nationally representative American parents ages 18+. Quotas were set to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the U.S. population of parents ages 18 and older. The study had a margin of error of 3.1%.

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